Productivity amplified.

Manage your projects with ease using TaskRay, all within Salesforce. Tap into a visual to-do list and connect it all to FormAssembly so that you can start collecting the data you need — from customer feedback to IT requests.

How it works


FormAssembly is the easiest way to generate forms for events, surveys, invoices, and more. Just drag and drop!


TaskRay is a project management tool that lets you create and manage tasks directly within Salesforce. Stay on top of the things that matter to you most.

FormAssembly + TaskRay together

Build web forms with FormAssembly and automatically turn your responses into TaskRay projects within Salesforce.

Unlimited possibilities

IT projects

Process IT requests and organize your tasks efficiently.

Customer feedback

Create state of the art customer questionnaires and view them as tasks within Salesforce.

Marketing campaigns

Easily link web form data to your tasks and projects — all within Salesforce. No fuss.

Paperless invoicing

Create beautiful invoice forms. Generate custom objects in Salesforce such as billable hours, total cost, and more.

Say hello to productivity.

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