Roadmap Series

Learn about new features. Share your feedback.

What is the Roadmap Series?

We’re always working to improve the FormAssembly experience from better UX and UI to more features and greater security. Here’s where you can get an inside look at what features we’re developing and give us your feedback on these features or any others that you think we should develop.

How the Roadmap Series lets you get involved

  • Learn about the features we’re working on
  • Share product feedback and new feature requests in our feedback form. We’ll reach back out if we have any questions.
  • Share specific use case information for our new feature research

Roadmap Post October 2017: A Closer Look at the Mobile App

Have you ever wanted the ability to collect data in your forms no matter where you are or what kind of internet connection you have (or don’t have as the case may be)? The FormAssembly mobile app for iOS is meant for just that kind of circumstance. If you haven’t...

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Product Updates & Bug Fixes: The Roadmap Series Evolves

The FormAssembly Roadmap started with a regular blog series aimed at giving you insight into what features we’re working on and their progress. From there, we created a dedicated page with more information about how we use product feedback and who the people are that...

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Roadmap Post August 2017: Workflows Pilot Program & More

As we near the end of summer, our calendars are looking pretty packed. With our team reunion, Dreamforce 2017, and our ongoing work of making FormAssembly better for our users we have a lot left to finish! Here are the big things on the Product team’s plate this...

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Roadmap Post June 2017: New Theme Editor Sneak Peek & More

Summer might be slow for some businesses, but we’re busier than ever working on new FormAssembly features for our customers. Last month, we went over upcoming changes to email print layouts and sensitive data options, which you can read about in detail here. Read on...

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Roadmap Series May 2017: Print Layout Options and More

You asked, we answered. In this roadmap post we’ll go over a few upcoming and in progress developments to FormAssembly that benefit our users by making FormAssembly easier to use, more functional, and more secure. We also want to know your thoughts on a new feature...

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How we use product feedback

We receive product feedback in multiple different channels: the feature request form on this page, social media, email, in-person meetings, and more. We collaborate internally and share feedback with the product team members who evaluate and assess the request before launching a new feature or an improvement in our product management system.

Recent FormAssembly Product Update Notes:

FormAssembly Release 5.0.6

In FormAssembly 5.0.6, we released an improvement to allow Enterprise Cloud and Compliance Cloud administrators to restore deleted responses, or permanently delete responses, through the Admin Dashboard. We also resolved a number of issues in areas such as form...

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