Roadmap Series

Learn about new features. Share your feedback.

What is the Roadmap Series?

We’re always working to improve the FormAssembly experience from better UX and UI to more features and greater security. Here’s where you can get an inside look at what features we’re developing and give us your feedback on these features or any others that you think we should develop.

How the Roadmap Series lets you get involved

  • Learn about the features we’re working on
  • Share product feedback and new feature requests in our feedback form. We’ll reach back out if we have any questions.
  • Share specific use case information for our new feature research

Roadmap Blog

Roadmap Post April 2018: Our GDPR Roadmap

With GDPR on the horizon, we’re working on several product updates to benefit our customers that fall under the regulation. Though these are not necessary for GDPR compliance, we are actively working on these improvements to further simplify and streamline your...

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Roadmap Post March 2018: Form Builder 5.0

Disclaimer: As of June 2018, Form Builder 5.0 is the default version of the FormAssembly Form Builder. Visit the release blog post to learn about the Form Builder 5.0 improvements. Whether you’ve been with FormAssembly since the beginning or you’ve newly joined the...

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Roadmap Post February 2018: What’s Ahead for Q1

Disclaimer: As of June 2018, Form Builder 5.0 is the default version of the FormAssembly Form Builder. Visit the release blog post to learn about the Form Builder 5.0 improvements. Is it really already February? While you’re making progress on your resolutions for...

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Roadmap Post January 2018: Salesforce v3 Connector

If you use FormAssembly, it’s pretty likely you also use or have used our Salesforce Connector. And why wouldn’t you? With a little set-up, you can easily create and update records in Salesforce and send data to any object, even custom ones. All in all, the Salesforce...

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Roadmap Post October 2017: A Closer Look at the Mobile App

Have you ever wanted the ability to collect data in your forms no matter where you are or what kind of internet connection you have (or don’t have as the case may be)? The FormAssembly mobile app for iOS is meant for just that kind of circumstance. If you haven’t...

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Product Updates & Bug Fixes: The Roadmap Series Evolves

The FormAssembly Roadmap started with a regular blog series aimed at giving you insight into what features we’re working on and their progress. From there, we created a dedicated page with more information about how we use product feedback and who the people are that...

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How we use product feedback

We receive product feedback in multiple different channels: the feature request form on this page, social media, email, in-person meetings, and more. We collaborate internally and share feedback with the product team members who evaluate and assess the request before launching a new feature or an improvement in our product management system.

Product Team

Brittany Arnett

Product Manager

Randall Ziman

UX/UI Designer

Clint Blakey

QA Engineer

Patrick Cummins

Lead Software Developer

Andy Hall

Application Security Engineer

Drew Buschhorn

Senior Software Architect

Aaron Brigham

Web Developer

Justin Yu

QA Engineer

Tim Wilson

Web Developer

Recent FormAssembly Product Update Notes:

FormAssembly Release 5.1.1

In FormAssembly 5.1.1, we retired the original Theme Editor and released a number of improvements as well as issue resolutions. Please see the full details below. Released to Professional and Premier: Monday, October 8th, 2018, at 11:41 AM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time,...

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