Tip Sheet

How to Streamline Payment Processes:

A best practices guide for nonprofit’s to streamline fundraising

This free tip sheet will help your nonprofit streamline fundraising and maximize community impact.

Does your nonprofit organization struggle to collect and manage recurring donations and payments efficiently? You’re not alone—nonprofits everywhere still encounter roadblocks in payment processing due to delayed payments, inability to collect recurring donations, disconnected donor data, lack of technology, and more.

By getting these inefficiencies in check, nonprofit groups can not only save thousands of hours of manual work each year, but they can also bring in more funds and make a bigger impact on the communities they serve. In this tip sheet, you’ll learn about several game-changing ways to improve payment processes from the data collection experts at FormAssembly and iATS Payments.

Tip sheet sneak peek

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this payment processing tip sheet for nonprofits:

  • How organizations can ramp up fundraising efforts with a few easy-to-implement upgrades
  • How to incorporate donation form best practices to increase user-friendliness and streamline the donor experience
  • How to build an on-brand online form that can easily process secure payments and feed donor data into your CRM—no coding or IT help required
  • How nonprofits like yours have streamlined payment processing (and relieved headaches for staff members) with FormAssembly + iATS Payments

You’ll love this tip sheet if you…

  • Work at a nonprofit organization that encounters roadblocks when it comes to processing payments
  • Want to reevaluate your current payment processing and make any small tweaks or improvements

Why FormAssembly + iATS?

FormAssembly is an all-in-one web form building and data collection platform that is used by thousands of nonprofits worldwide. Nonprofits love FormAssembly’s ease of use, powerful integrations with payment processors and Salesforce, and high standards of security and compliance.

To make sure nonprofits get the most out of FormAssembly, our platform integrates with iATS, which enables nonprofit organizations to quickly and easily process one-time credit card payments, set up recurring credit card payments through subscriptions, process ACH or direct deposit payments, and create new customers within iATS. By using these two platforms together, nonprofits are able to make payment processing simple and streamlined and even protect against spam.