CARDSITE Uses FormAssembly to Help Clients Build Better Digital Business Connections

About the Company

Business cards have long existed as a means of networking within professional circles. Whether they’re exchanged at conferences, passed between potential clients, or posted on community message boards, these small paper identifiers encourage partnership and promotion. CARDSITE founder Adam Taylor believes there’s a better way to bring this classic concept to life in the digital age.

Taylor’s company, CARDSITE, specializes in digital business cards customized to represent each unique user. The company aims to create a business culture in which everyone is connected by the ability to introduce others and make fast referrals. The platform is simply designed, easy to implement, and fully trackable. Read on to find out how FormAssembly helps power CARDSITE’s modern and mobile twist on the traditional business contact.

Use Case: Personalized Landing Pages and Business Cards

CARDSITE primarily uses FormAssembly to create personalized landing pages that act as digital business cards. CARDSITE users can use this digital space for a length of time by selecting a particular CARDSITE subscription. On the backend, each digital business card is a functional and customizable FormAssembly form, while on the front end, users see a unique, shareable business card designed to suit their particular needs.

“What I’m doing with FormAssembly is giving people a unique landing page that looks like a business card, but has the functionality of a full-blown form. FormAssembly is absolutely amazing,” Taylor said.

Each form, or digital card, is used, shared, and tracked through the CARDSITE service, allowing clients to maintain a stunning tool for a strong first impression. Additionally, users can instantly share cards via text message and provide immediate business referrals. Once a user chooses the referral button, they are taken through a series of prompts to provide more information. Each step in the process is completed using a new FormAssembly form.

“FormAssembly gives me so much control and so much flexibility,” Taylor said, referring to the customization features that make his digital card platform possible.

The referral feature can be used to provide an introduction, answer a question, promote a partnership, or encourage a sale. Once the referral process is complete, it connects three people at one time through a mutual connection. Due to the interactive nature of each page, users may not even realize that they’re filling out dynamic web forms, powered by FormAssembly.

Some CARDSITE clients receive payments to their PayPal accounts from their business cards. The FormAssembly PayPal integration streamlines this payment process, allowing customers to submit a transaction quickly and efficiently.

Use Case: Client Directory

FormAssembly also helps CARDSITE power a comprehensive directory available to subscribers. The directory includes an indexed list of any customer who would like to be listed for search. It allows users to find counterparts and to explore the wide range of professionals using digital business cards through the site.

FormAssembly takes the directory to the next level by providing users another point of access to the referral feature. The “Share” button on each card redirects the user to a series of FormAssembly pages designed to gather more information about the referral.

In the future, Taylor has plans for the directory to operate entirely from within FormAssembly.

FormAssembly: A Powerful Foundation for Growing Business

CARDSITE uses FormAssembly’s powerful web form technology in extremely unique ways. From dynamic form design to conditional formatting, CARDSITE implements a variety of features within the Form Builder to make their service as innovative as possible. For example, FormAssembly allows CARDSITE to add custom code as required, a valuable feature in making each card unique and well-designed.

“No one else is doing what FormAssembly does. The product is absolutely brilliant. What you have is an environment for creatives,” Taylor said.

One significant benefit is found in the Form Builder itself, which prevents business owners like Taylor from having to completely build web forms on their own.

“If I had to build this from the ground up, I couldn’t do this,” Taylor said of the predesigned features that FormAssembly offers.

CARDSITE benefits from a significant savings in terms of time and cost and doesn’t require the outside help of a software developer. Overall, FormAssembly provides an affordable solution to a complex technology need. It eliminates the need for extensive development knowledge and allows the user to jump right in, creating dynamic forms tailored to individual business goals.

“FormAssembly has saved my clients because what we’re giving them is an entirely flexible way of representing themselves,” Taylor said.

Because of FormAssembly, CARDSITE incurs no cost for paper processes or printed cards. Clients can update their information whenever they have a personal or professional change that they would like to showcase to potential contacts. FormAssembly helps CARDSITE ensure that each client’s card, or form, is up-to-date and consistently interactive.

Leveraging the Past, Looking to the Future

“I’ve been using FormAssembly for about ten years,” Taylor said of his experience with FormAssembly. As a veteran form builder, he’s become well-versed with how to creatively use different features to grow business and create new opportunities.

Although CARDSITE is two years old, some of the new card features were implemented only three months ago. Taylor hopes to continue implementing new and powerful tools available through FormAssembly to grow the client base and to expand CARDSITE’s offerings.

In the future, CARDSITE also hopes to empower conference speakers and presenters with the ability to quickly share their contact information with broad audiences. This new strategy was implemented about four months ago for an internationally renowned speaker, and Taylor hopes that this particular use case continues to expand.

As CARDSITE grows, the company is acquiring lengthy logs of relevant customer information. Taylor believes that the business is set to grow through the management of customer data, and believes that FormAssembly will be a continued partner for future growth and success.

“FormAssembly is the heart and soul of my service,” Taylor said. “Without it, I do not have a business at all.”

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