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FormAssembly is retiring our Pay as You Go plan on April 1, 2020. If you’re currently using this plan, we’re offering you 50% off your first year of FormAssembly Professional to aid in the transition! With FormAssembly Professional, you’ll gain:

  • Tons of useful connectors, from Salesforce to Stripe to Google Sheets
  • The ability to share forms with other Professional or Premier users
  • Ability to retain access to your forms, responses, and FormAssembly’s powerful data collection abilities

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Discounted FormAssembly Upgrade

Take 50% off your price when you upgrade now!

Retiring the FormAssembly Pay as You Go plan

FormAssembly is always looking for new ways to make our product even more useful for our customers! As we work to improve our platform, we’re shifting the focus away from our Pay as You Go plan to work on improving our other plans instead, including Professional, Enterprise, Premier, and Compliance Cloud.

With the retirement of the Pay as You Go plan, we want to make sure all of our current Pay as You Go customers have the opportunity to continue using FormAssembly. In an offer exclusive to current Pay as You Go users, we’re taking 50% off the first year of our Professional plan rate.* This is an excellent opportunity to take data collection to the next level with additional FormAssembly features including connectors and collaboration for just $44.50** per month!

Pay as You Go credits will also expire on April 1, 2020. If you choose not to upgrade, you can reach out to us for a refund of any remaining credits on or before April 1, 2020. If you do upgrade, we’ll add any of your remaining Pay as You Go credits to your account.

*Not to be combined with any other offers.

**When paid annually.

Why upgrade to Professional

FormAssembly’s Professional plan helps organizations in all industries simplify and streamline data collection. Use our drag-and-drop form builder to create an unlimited number of web forms, collect an unlimited number of responses. Then, securely connect that data to tools you’re already using, like Salesforce, Pardot, PayPal, and others. With FormAssembly Professional, you’ll be able to better scale your business and connect with customers. Build event sign-up forms, advanced payment forms, feedback forms, stay-in-touch forms, and so much more—the use cases for FormAssembly Professional are endless!

We’re here to help

As we move away from our Pay as You Go plan, we look forward to continually improving our Professional, Premier, Enterprise and Compliance Cloud plans to further improve the customer experience. We thank you for being a loyal FormAssembly customer, and we look forward to continuing to support you as you transition into our Professional plan! If you’d like additional support during your transition, please reach out to our Customer Success Team.

Not sure if you’re quite ready to upgrade? No worries! You’ll still be able to claim this offer for 30 days after the Pay as You Go discontinue date on April 1, 2020.

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This promotion is no longer active.

Satisfied Professional customers

“No one else is doing what FormAssembly does. The product is absolutely brilliant. What you have is an environment for creatives.”

—Adam Taylor,
Founder, Cardsite

“With a smaller staff, a lot of the money goes to the mission of the organization, as it should. The bang for your buck is great with FormAssembly.”

—Alyssa Byrne,
Former Manager of Data Operations and Analytics, NPower

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