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Download our eBook, Level Up Your Marketing Strategy with FormAssembly + Pardot, to learn how our web form builder and data collection platform can streamline your marketing efforts.

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Marketers collect data on a daily basis to learn more about leads, prospects, and contacts. But in order to get the maximum benefit from the data they collect, it’s crucial to have an efficient method for gathering and analyzing all of that information.

With FormAssembly’s all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform, marketers are able to save time, money, and resources by seamlessly funneling lead information directly into Salesforce and Pardot. FormAssembly’s powerful connectors allow for fast delivery of marketing-related notifications, timely lead scoring, and efficient data processing. On top of that, you’ll also be able to customize your form layout and design, securely process payments, embed forms in web pages, accept file uploads, and more.

In this eBook, we discuss use case ideas for FormAssembly and Pardot, and we explain how to connect your customized FormAssembly forms to your Pardot instance. If you’re a Pardot user who needs a better way to collect and manage your marketing data, this eBook is for you!

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“We use FormAssembly for all of our form needs. Great connectors to Pardot make it easy for us to move the data back and forth and create a seamless experience for our customers.”

— Ricardo B., Salesforce AppExchange review

A data collection solution for all

Whether you work in marketing, sales, recruitment, IT, HR, or another department, FormAssembly can be customized to suit your data collection needs. Though this eBook focuses on marketing use cases with Pardot, the use cases for FormAssembly are endless and go far beyond just the marketing world.

FormAssembly’s versatile, Salesforce-connected online forms can be used to collect lead information, volunteer applications, job applications, secure payments and donations, and so much more. Our platform is flexible enough for you to choose your own level of customization—no code or high code, the choice is yours.

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