Get more out of Elevate with FormAssembly

Salesforce has retired Elevate as of April 3, 2023.

Streamlined donations meet powerful web forms

Isn’t it great when technology works just the way you need it to? FormAssembly’s new Elevate Payment Connector is the perfect way to extend the functionality of your Elevate account. Like a friend who knows you well enough to finish your sentences, the Elevate Connector fits seamlessly into your Elevate use cases and lets you take your donation forms from basic to customized.

Why use the Elevate Connector?

Collect donation data and more

FormAssembly forms allow users to collect more data than the fields provided by Elevate Giving Pages, such as donation information plus event registration information, alumni information, newsletter inclusion, or volunteer information. Additionally, FormAssembly lets you create any type of form you need beyond just donation forms.

Experience best-in-class Salesforce integration

Go beyond fundraising and donation collection by leveraging FormAssembly’s best-in-class Salesforce integration to fully customize your forms with flexible web-to-anything capabilities. Also, take advantage of advanced form field prefilling capabilities with the Salesforce Prefill Connector to provide tailored experiences for your respondents.

Customize forms to fit your processes

Create forms that match your organization’s brand identity and make a lasting impression on donors. FormAssembly allows full customization of web forms, from fields to layout to branding, beyond the built-in options with Elevate Giving Pages.

Leverage multiple powerful integrations

In addition to Elevate, FormAssembly supports a number of payment connectors, including PayPal, Stripe, and Cybersource, plus additional connectors, such as Google Sheets and a multi-purpose HTTPS Connector, to give users the flexibility they need.

Experience streamlined fundraising

FormAssembly’s Elevate Payment Connector is the end-to-end solution you need to strengthen and streamline your fundraising efforts. Reach out to a team member to learn more and get a demo. Have existing Elevate and FormAssembly accounts? Start using the connector today with the Salesforce Add-on, available on all current FormAssembly plans.

See FormAssembly in action, no strings attached.