Which FormAssembly Plan is Right for You?

About This Quiz
FormAssembly is a secure data collection platform with powerful integrations no matter which plan you choose, but we know that the needs of every organization are different. That’s why we offer five customizable plan options. 

Wondering which one of our five plans is the perfect match for you? Answer the following 12 questions to find out.

This feature automatically deletes previously collected data once a specific requirement is met, such as an expiration date.

This feature allows admins to determine which users have access to which information. This is ideal for organizations that need greater control over who can access their data.

This helps cut down on manual data entry for users that have dropdown menus and lists in their forms.

This solution is particularly helpful if you need to build multi-step data collection workflows.

About You

GA Cookie Source Capture
Used to grab the value of the source cookie and populate the utm_source field.

Used to grab the value of the current page URL and Marketo Tracker.

Don’t just collect data — leverage it.