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“I think my favorite part of working with FormAssembly is really just the ease of use, not just for me but to get others involved.”

—Brian Karcinski, Salesforce Solution Architect,
University of Florida

Helping you connect, engage, and inspire students and alumni.


Authenticate forms through your university portal. Integrate forms into student, faculty, and employee workflows and processes.

Salesforce integration

Use FormAssembly’s EDA Ready platform to create and update Salesforce records, prefill forms, and so much more, all saving your institution hours of hassle and manual work.

Enterprise-grade security

Your data stays safe through our security practices, smart partnerships, and certifications, including FERPA and Section 508 compliance.

Responsive forms & mobile app

Forms adjust to any device. Download the mobile app for an on-the-go experience and offline capabilities.

Surveys, donations, applications — the options are endless.

With FormAssembly, security is clearly defined and protected, specifically with the data we’re collecting and storing. And it doesn’t require us to spend hours turning around a form. We can do it all very easily and with confidence.

Adam Smeets
Director of University Information Systems

Higher Ed Case Studies

FERPA Compliant

  • We perform an institutional service or function on behalf of the agency or institution.
  • Collection, use and maintenance of student records is under the direct control of the agency or institution.
  • We use records only for authorized purposes and we do not re-disclose personal information from education records to other parties, except as directed by the agency/institution.

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