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Is your data in good health?

Organizations in all industries, including healthcare, nonprofit, higher education, and others rely on data to reach key objectives. But, if the data they’re collecting isn’t of good quality, it can create major roadblocks to success.

So, is the data you collect as “healthy” as it could be? And if not, how can you improve it? To know where your organization stands, you must take several factors into account, including the method of collection, accuracy and human error, security measures, compliance standards, and more. It can be a challenge to get to the bottom of all of that when you’re in the weeds—and that’s where our data collection health check comes in handy.

Fill out our data collection health check form, and our team will connect with you to help measure the quality and reliability of your data. We’ll also share customized recommendations for future improvements.

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Data Collection Health Check

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Collect better data with FormAssembly

FormAssembly’s all-in-one form builder and data collection platform provides a secure, effective solution for organizations that need a more efficient way to collect important data. Because so many organizations in all industries rely on our product, we’re committed to delivering helpful information to foster better data stewardship, like this data collection health check.

Our platform meets the highest security and compliance standards to help our customers safeguard even the most sensitive information types, such as financial information and PHI. In addition, users can seamlessly integrate their online forms to Salesforce and other platforms in order to eliminate manual work and data entry error potential. FormAssembly users can use our forms to collect eSignatures, payment information, and more through sophisticated online forms that don’t require coding knowledge or IT support to build. With all of these features, our users are able to collect high-quality data while saving time, money, and resources.

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