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Cherry Creek School District Expands Innovation and Career Initiatives with FormAssembly

maria martin
Maria MartinProject Coordinator (Career & Innovation)

Case Study Snapshot

At Cherry Creek Schools, Maria Martin’s role is to bring innovative practices, career opportunities, and college preparatory opportunities to students across the district. When the staff at Cherry Creek realized the need for enhanced data practices, they worked with Elevation Solutions to determine which new solutions would be the best fit.

“CCSD’s innovative and creative team has scaled their impact over the last two years and really embraced tools that unify their students and partners. The Elevation Solutions’ team is excited to continue supporting CCSD and advancing their technology transformation!” -Elise Hastings, Account Director

Cherry Creek Schools benefited from a quick and reliable transition to FormAssembly, which allowed staff members to build the forms they needed to grow and scale student programs. The district’s experience with FormAssembly also provided a seamless sync with an existing Salesforce org, allowing for enhanced visibility and communication.


The Cherry Creek School District is a public school system that serves over 55,000 students in southeast Metro Denver, Colorado. The district’s mission is to inspire every student to think, learn, achieve, and care.

Cherry Creek offers a number of unique programs that are specifically designed to equip older students with the professional skills and opportunities needed to excel later in their careers. With programs focused on College and Career Training, Technical Education, and Innovation, Cherry Creek partners with local community leaders and fosters the know-how required to succeed in a modern world.

The Numbers
students in the Cherry Creek District (tri-county area)
schools including
total forms
Up to 1000
responses per form

The need

Lacked an all-in-one, reliable, and innovative data-collection platform

Merging Separate Data Intakes

Maria reported that prior to FormAssembly, staff members were performing separate tasks in multiple places like Google Sheets, Adobe PDF documents, and local folders. As a result, locating and merging the information within these different places was extremely difficult.

With so many separate platforms, the team needed a change of pace in order to keep up with campus growth and student needs. Since the school district was already operating within Salesforce, having a Salesforce-connected form creation platform was ideal.

Cherry Creek’s need for new processes was underscored by the fact that community partners (especially those working with the district’s Innovation Campus) had financial obligations centered around the work-based learning experiences given to students. As a result, it was essential for Maria and her team to find a way to move forward with reliable, secure, real-time data that could be easily updated and shared.

It was essential for Maria and her team to find a way to move forward with reliable, secure, real-time data that could be easily updated and shared.

The solution

Provide an easy-to-use and dynamic data collection solution for both students and parents

Seamless data sharing solutions

Cherry Creek’s technical consulting firm, Elevation Solutions, originally mentioned FormAssembly because they already knew that it would be easy to implement since the organization already used Salesforce. In addition, previous tools and platforms like Adobe weren’t dynamic enough to solve the challenges that Cherry Creek faced.

FormAssembly opened the door for easy-to-use forms that asked all of the pertinent questions to students and parents. Once Cherry Creek staff members learned how to use FormAssembly, they were astounded over how quickly they could gather accurate information, collect new data, and supply that information across the entire organization.

“Overall, FormAssembly allows us to provide better reporting, capture more information, and speak on a level that students and stakeholders understand,” Maria said.

“Overall, FormAssembly allows us to provide better reporting, capture more information, and speak on a level that students and stakeholders understand“

Use Cases

Internship and Apprenticeship Survey

One of Cherry Creek’s primary projects was to create an Internship and Apprenticeship survey using FormAssembly. The form allows students to respond and upload information that they gather at their work-based learning experience or career opportunities. Academic leaders can also see student-reported information in real time and distribute it to corresponding teachers and industry partners.

This process alone helps guide the student experience while gathering the feedback necessary to ensure the continued success of the program. Community partners and mentors are better equipped to see student information through FormAssembly, without the use of complicated credentials or extra logins.

Innovation Campus Tours

The new Campus Tours form gathers information from industry partners, families, prospective students, and staff members. This form helps students discover the opportunities that are available to them at Cherry Creek’s Innovation Campus.

Prior to the creation of a FormAssembly form, the booking process involved multiple phone calls, spreadsheets, and tedious data management.

“This has totally transformed the way we work at our Innovation Campus,” Maria said. 

With the new system, staff can quickly dispel information to all stakeholders with the push of a button. Each part of the process is streamlined and simple, and the new system enables direct reports to district leadership. These forms utilize FormAssembly’s robust list of features including: conditional questions, page breaks, special image formatting, and the many options for question formatting. This process alone allows the Innovation Campus to gain monetary funding, support, and positive press.

What's Next?

As Cherry Creek looks to the future of student innovation, Maria and her colleagues are hoping to expand the use of FormAssembly throughout the entire district. The current use cases are exclusively used within the Career and Technical Education programs and the Innovation Campus, but the goal is to move beyond these two segments for wide-scale projects.

As a leader in K-12 education and innovation, Cherry Creek leaders plan to leverage FormAssembly for any initiative that requires staff to gather, share, or communicate information with students and families via online forms.

Better data processes will not only revolutionize the K-12 experience for families, but will also allow for growth in areas that prepare students for important milestones later in life. As a result, FormAssembly helps nurture Cherry Creek’s mission to train students to think, learn, and achieve great things.

Watch Cherry Creek Schools Data Story here to see Maria share more details of their successes with FormAssembly.

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