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FormAssembly Enables Tyndale University to Streamline Recruitment Processes

Andrew MugfordAnalyst (Admissions Marketing)

Case Study Snapshot

When Tyndale University needed to upgrade their legacy admissions application, moving to a Salesforce-integrated data collection platform was a natural choice. Having previously gone through a reseller, Tyndale became a direct FormAssembly customer and started to scale their projects and admissions initiatives. This led to big results, both in terms of money saved and in the level of customization that FormAssembly provided for the recruitment life cycle.


Tyndale University is a small nonprofit Christian University in Toronto, Canada. The student body includes about 1,500 students, and course offerings range from undergraduate all the way through doctoral programs. Founded in 1894, Tyndale has a well-established history and a focus on training and equipping students to serve in public, private, and not-for-profit industries.

The Numbers
active FormAssembly forms
enrolled students
applications submitted with FormAssembly
saved on a custom legacy replacement

The need

Powerful tools for a legacy systems upgrade

Saving time and money with FormAssembly

As Tyndale retired their previous legacy admissions application, staff wanted to modernize it with something more customizable, user-friendly, and efficient. Although they were initially using a vendor, FormAssembly was the right next step, and onboarding was simple. 


By choosing to bring the admissions and recruitment process over to FormAssembly, Tyndale benefited from Salesforce-connected web forms that created an improved admissions and enrollment process. The switch also saved the school from spending $10,000 on a custom application to replace outdated legacy software.


“If you’ve got FormAssembly that’s so flexible, why bother spending 10 grand when you can save that money instead?” Andrew said. This cost savings is also significant for a not-for-profit higher education institution that needs to reduce costs while maximizing results.

This cost savings is also significant for a not-for-profit higher education institution that needs to reduce costs while maximizing results.

The solution

Multiple features to improve admissions data collection

Taking advantage of the Prefill Connector 

Andrew’s team currently runs about 76 FormAssembly forms at any given time, which spans a variety of admissions and enrollment use cases. When asked about the scope of the work, Andrew says, “The main case would be everything. Basically, any kind of online form that is connected to the recruitment process is connected to FormAssembly.”


FormAssembly has opened many doors and created opportunities for improved processes, particularly for prospective students and admissions counselors. These advancements offer a better user experience (UX) and a better flow of work.


As the primary form administrator, Andrew leverages several FormAssembly features to make his role easier.


  • Salesforce Prefill Connector – Pull data from your existing Salesforce org, and display a prefilled form to your respondents. With a prefilled link and a query parameter in your Salesforce Prefill Connector, you can pull information from Salesforce records directly into your form to improve the user experience.


  • Custom CSS – Use custom code (including CSS, HTML, or JavaScript) to make customizations that are more in-depth than what the Theme Editor provides. 


  • Field validations and formulas – FormAssembly’s varied field options allow web form creators to set limits, rules, conditionals, and calculations for new fields. This makes data organization simple while ensuring that respondents only see the information that’s relevant to them.


For Tyndale, the real power of FormAssembly lies below the surface. Once staff are able to dig into the features and the tool becomes second nature, the possibilities of what can be accomplished are limitless. 

“As you gain confidence and awareness of what FormAssembly can do, you can start doing even more. It lets us do everything.

“The main case would be everything. Basically, any kind of online form that is connected to the recruitment process is connected to FormAssembly.“

Use Case

Tyndale Residence Application Manager (TRAM)

Andrew has been at the forefront of a project to revamp Tyndale’s residential application process. This includes every touchpoint that an incoming student experiences, and it also houses the steps required on the side of admissions officers who are tasked with processing incoming enrollment data.


Application steps might include biographical data, supplemental information, financial requests, and more. These crucial pieces (and corresponding administrative responses) are all part of a well-oiled admissions engine. At the end of the day, the easier the process is for students, the better it is for everyone involved.


“My focus is always the student experience,” Andrew says. “Down the line, we focus on the admissions counselors. You never want them to have to apologize to new students for a process that’s not working as it should.”

What's Next?

In the next chapter of Tyndale’s FormAssembly journey, Andrew hopes to expand the use of FormAssembly Workflow. This tool will simplify admissions processes even further by consolidating separate forms into one cohesive string of events. The goal, as always, is to continue to make life simpler for students and staff alike.




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