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Tired of dealing with manual data entry into systems like Salesforce, and bogged down with inefficient processes that overtax your staff? FormAssembly’s flexible form building, data collection, and process automation platform allows you to streamline your data collection with a bi-directional, web-to-anything Salesforce integration, smart form builder settings, and more integrations. Learn how you could be achieving better data collection automation, then secure your own free trial of FormAssembly.

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Create new leads, accounts, opportunities, more in Salesforce

Build Salesforce-connected web forms in FormAssembly that can automate the creation of new leads, accounts, or opportunities, or all three at once! With the Salesforce integration enabled, your sales team will no longer be weighed down with manual record creation tasks. FormAssembly connects to any standard or custom object, and even objects from your favorite Salesforce apps.

Streamline stay-in-touch with Salesforce/FormAssembly

With just a few configuration steps, you can let your contacts do the work of updating their information for you. FormAssembly allows you to prefill forms with existing records that contacts can update with new information and submit, sending data conveniently back into your Salesforce instance.

Automate task creation in Salesforce with FormAssembly

With FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration you can easily create tasks for your employees in Salesforce after a form is submitted. That means digital process automation for you and your co-workers.

Create simple workflows for business process automation

Improve your automated data collection processes by creating simple workflows that lead respondents from one form to the next, even prefilling data between forms. Using workflows instead of one long form has the added benefit of ensuring that data for individual forms is sent through connectors even if a respondent doesn’t fill out the whole workflow.

Connect with multiple systems for automatic data collection

Salesforce isn’t the only system for which you can automate data entry. Send and automate information to GotoWebinar, Pardot, Google Sheets and more. Configure the user-friendly connectors in FormAssembly, then sit back and watch entries roll in to the right systems.

Automate form availability in FormAssembly’s form builder

Only need to collect responses for a specific amount of time? Maybe you just need a particular number of responses? FormAssembly allows you to specify dates ahead of time for when your form should be available and set a limit to the number of responses your form can take. These are simple, useful features that put the bow on your automated data capture system.

Premier Customers Love FormAssembly’s Digital Process Automation

FormAssembly allows us the ability to collect all the information we need to collect for application renewals in a very efficient way, because the data flows directly into Salesforce.”

— Katy Lash, (Former) Certification Program Assistant, Vermont Organic Farmers

Test out FormAssembly’s Salesforce Connector and more with a 14-day trial!

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