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FormAssembly Customer Success Team Answers Salesforce Community Questions


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Our customer success team often gets questions about how customers use FormAssembly’s Lightning Component to publish a form within a Salesforce Community. This blog will help answer your Salesforce community questions about how the FormAssembly Lightning Component helps streamline data collection.

As you may know, Salesforce Communities make it easy to share important business information with the people who need it, like customers or coworkers. FormAssembly’s Lightning Component allows users to customize forms within Salesforce Communities, so you’ll be able to design your forms to best suit your data collection needs and match your company’s branding. Read on to learn more about the FormAssembly Lightning Component.

Publishing Forms Within Salesforce Communities

This is how to publish forms within your Salesforce Community if you are not using Salesforce Communities Authentication:

  • Install FormAssembly for AppExchange
  • Go to Setup → All Communities and click Manage for the community where you plan to publish your form
  • Go to the Community Builder, select the page where you want your form to go, and select Components
  • Under Custom Components, select FormAssembly Form

Your form should look similar to this within your Salesforce Community:

Using Salesforce Communities Authentication for Forms

If Salesforce Communities (formerly Salesforce Portal) Authentication is enabled for a form, only authenticated respondents can access the form. Using this authentication combined with the Salesforce Prefill Connector, you can prefill the form with the authenticated respondent’s information. This can be also used together with the save and resume feature, so respondents can save their place when completing the form and finish it later if needed.

This is what a respondent will see when accessing a community-authenticated form:

If you are using Salesforce Communities Authentication, or if you have other Salesforce Community Questions, check out our in-depth help doc.

Colleges and universities have used our responsive web forms within Salesforce communities to streamline the admissions process. Want to explore use cases that can transform complex business processes within your own organization?

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