Workshop Recap: Using FormAssembly for Higher Education


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FormAssembly is now hosting user group workshops in order to connect with our users in a new, interactive way! These workshops are a great way for our customers to connect with one another and learn use case ideas, tips, and tricks.

In our October workshop, we met with higher education customers. FormAssembly’s all-in-one form builder and data collection platform is used by hundreds of colleges and universities all over the world for grants and scholarships, application forms, student feedback forms, registration forms, and more. This workshop provided an opportunity for our higher ed users to ask specific questions and learn from one another. Read on for a recap!

About the workshop

In this particular workshop, we recruited our higher education customers to submit their questions about FormAssembly for us to answer during the workshop. We selected from the trending topics, then opened up the floor for additional feedback from attendees.

  • Here are some of the topics we discussed through a higher education lens:
  • The importance of e-signature capability and how to use it within FormAssembly
  • How to create custom thank you pages and redirects that appear after form submission
  • Pros and cons of workflows vs. redirects
  • Best practices for moving a form from sandbox to production
  • How to set up error messages in FormAssembly
  • How to use Salesforce Dynamic Picklists

Katrina Garza, Director of Customer Success, and Kayla Condello, Knowledge Coordinator, elaborated on each of these topics and answered questions from attendees while conducting live demonstrations within the form builder. While this workshop was specifically focused on our higher education customers, our other workshops will follow a similar format.

Connect with us

FormAssembly is looking forward to hosting other workshops with our customers in the near future! Stay up to date for upcoming workshops on our events page.

This blog post is just a sneak peek of what you can expect to learn as a member of the FormAssembly community. For more knowledge on FormAssembly for higher education, check out our webinar, “How to Improve Student Processes with Salesforce + Web Forms.”

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