[Whitepaper] The State of Data Privacy


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Data privacy trends are changing rapidly, with several new laws and regulations that may impact your business. FormAssembly’s mission is to help organizations in all industries become better stewards of the data they collect, and we’re committed to sharing our best knowledge and resources about data privacy with you.

To keep you up to date with all of the most recent data privacy trends and regulations, we’ve compiled our State of Data Privacy whitepaper. Use our whitepaper as a reference when researching new data privacy laws and building an up-to-date data privacy plan for your organization.

About the Whitepaper

We created the State of Data Privacy whitepaper to encourage data privacy awareness among our customers and beyond. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Data privacy trends to watch involving remote work, transparency, risk management, and employee training
    • New data privacy laws and amendments and what they mean for your organization and customers
    • The role of FormAssembly in data privacy and how our organization can help with secure, compliant data collection

FormAssembly: Your Answer to Better Data Privacy

FormAssembly’s enterprise data collection platform helps thousands of organizations simplify data collection while meeting the highest standards of data security and compliance. We regularly share educational resources to support our customers in their pursuit of better data stewardship.

To see more of our data privacy resources, be sure to check out our Data Privacy Deep Dive webinar series, where we discuss how your organization can meet customers’ data privacy expectations and more.

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