What’s New in FormAssembly: April 3, 2017


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We’ve got a few interesting updates that are now available for Professional, Premier, and Enterprise accounts. These changes went live to Pro and Premier customers March 22 and Enterprise customers March 27.
Here’s what’s included:

Visual Indicator for Salesforce Connector Loading Period

You’ll notice the addition of a visual indication of the “Please wait..” notice that displays in the Salesforce connector after credentials have been entered and before the Connector fully loads.
The icon, as opposed to the text only message we had previously, helps clarify that the page loading is in progress, not frozen or stuck.
This small change provides a big dose of usability.



Sort By Changes

Another new development in this release is related to how responses are sorted for forms. Instead of being sorted by creation date, they are now sorted by submission date.
This helps you keep track of responses that were saved mid-filling out and submitted at a later date.

Floating Save Button

Lastly, we added a floating Save button to the Salesforce Prefill Connector so it matches the Salesforce Connector. With this new addition, you no longer have to scroll all the way to the top or bottom to save your settings.

Let us know if you have any questions about this release and stay tuned for other developments.

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