What’s New at FormAssembly: Oct. 29

Welcome to this week’s updates post!

Full-page vs. snippet HTML

First of all, we’d like to point out a feature of the new “My Forms” layout that you may not have noticed yet. On the “Publish” tab, if you decide to export your form’s HTML to use on your own site, you can now choose whether you want the HTML as a full page or as an HTML snippet.
Previously, only the snippet was available.  You may find the new full page HTML option useful  if you are not using a template or content management system and need a ready-to-use web page.

New address for forms hosted on FormAssembly

Early next week we’ll be changing the address for forms hosted on FormAssembly. Previously, if you chose to let FormAssembly host your forms, you had an address like this:
Now your form will be available at:
Note that FormAssembly will continue to function for you as it always has. You do not need to do or change anything.  If you previously published, gave out, or linked to a form using the old address, that link will continue to work. Next week, we will simply start showing the shorter address by default.
We are making this change for two reasons. First, is much shorter, easier to type, and easier to remember. We hope this helps you as you distribute links to your forms.
Secondly, by moving user-generated content to a different domain, we are following the recommendation of our annual security audit .  This increases the security of your account and keeps our partners happy (hint:  Salesforce’s certification team). If you’re interested in the technical details, we’d be happy to discuss this in the comments.
We hope you’re enjoying the changes we’ve made recently. If you’d like to comment on the new “My Forms” layout, please fill out our brief survey. As always, comments are welcome here, and at the UserVoice forum.

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