What Customer Service Means to Our Customer Success Team


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Great customer service is a powerful tool for any business and is often seen as one of the pillars of a great company. In many ways, the support customers receive from a business is one of the biggest influencers, besides the quality of the product itself, to brand loyalty. In fact, 90% of individuals say that customer service plays a role in determining whether they want to buy from a business and 78% of them will buy again–even if there was a mistake–if they receive great customer service. It becomes clear that without the right support team, this direct connection between you and your customers can have a significant, and negative, impact on the entire organization.

At FormAssembly, each member of our Customer Success team must have the following qualities in order to succeed: determination, curiosity, empathy, and excellence in communication. With these qualities, we can better ensure that we are improving the experiences of each of our unique customers and improving our product as well. For Customer Service Week (and every week of the year), we’re celebrating our stellar Customer Success team and the work they do to support our customers.

In this blog, we asked our own team of dedicated support professionals to tell us what customer service means to them. Here’s what they said:

“Customer service means providing your customers with everything they need to succeed. I want our customers to feel like they have all the resources and support necessary to meet their goals.”

– Kayla Condello, Knowledge and Training Manager

“To me, customer service goes beyond troubleshooting an issue. Customer service means building a relationship of trust between the customer and the company. For this to be possible, it is essential to provide the customer with the knowledge and resources they need so they can be successful.”

– Lucas Talamini, Email Technical Support Specialist

As a member of the Support team, customer service to me means providing our customers with knowledgeable and quality service. I strive for customer satisfaction and a positive customer experience!”

– Susie Buganan, Technical Support Specialist

“In my mind, great customer service means customer success. It means empowering customers to better utilize the tools and services you have provided in order to achieve their goals—and, if possible, even more. And when it’s done right, the net result is customer satisfaction. In a word, great customer service means happy customers.”

– Jeff Krueger, Customer Success Manager

“Customer success is about more than delivering service or support, it is always making the customer feel in the center and to be able to predict their questions: focusing on the outcome (what the customer needs to achieve) and experience (how they need to achieve it).”

– Giovanni Fonzo, Email Technical Support Specialist

No matter if our customer is a nonprofit needing a solution for donation forms or a government agency requiring high security and compliance, our amazing Customer Success team is always ready to help them get the most out of our web form and data collection platform–and we use our own platform to do it! To see how FormAssembly could benefit your own customer support team, check out this blog post.

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