[Webinar Recap] Build It with Workflow #1: Employee Review Processes


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Employee review processes are an essential part of any organization, but they can quickly become disorganized and inefficient. These disjointed workflows can cause productivity issues for HR, have a big impact on employee morale, and leave everyone feeling frustrated. It’s easy to be overwhelmed when employee review processes with multiple participants involve calendar reminders, spreadsheets, and paper-based review forms. What if there was a better way?

Watch the first session in our “Build It with Workflow” webinar series to learn how our new visual process-building solution, Workflow, helps you create streamlined employee review processes.

What you’ll learn

In the webinar, Maggie Tharp, Product Marketing Specialist, and Kayla Condello, Knowledge and Training Manager, demonstrated how Workflow helps automate communication around annual performance reviews so HR, managers, and employees can focus on giving and receiving feedback rather than spending time on manual tasks. You’ll learn how to build an entire employee review process containing:

  • FormAssembly forms
  • Emails
  • Multiple respondents
  • Conditional routing
  • And more!

After the presentation, Maggie and Kayla answered questions about Workflow and process building.

Start streamlining processes today

Struggling to stay organized and efficient with your annual employee reviews? Find a better process with FormAssembly Workflow!

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