[Webinar] The Field Guide to Calculated Fields


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If you currently use FormAssembly and Salesforce, you may already know just how versatile these tools are when used together. But sometimes your data collection processes can get a little complex. Maybe you’re a higher education organization with multi-form student admissions processes or a nonprofit with lengthy intake processes.

Without the proper rules and routing in place, your team may be spending too much time completing steps manually instead of relying on FormAssembly’s advanced automation features.

Watch our on-demand webinar with guest host Peter Bernardi from Elevate Actual to expand your knowledge of calculated fields using advanced validation rules and intelligent conditional routing. Note: This session is ideal for intermediate and advanced FormAssembly users.

What you’ll learn

In this intermediate-to-advanced session, our host will demonstrate how his nonprofit customer used FormAssembly’s calculated fields to automatically route data to different forms or notifications depending on the information provided by the respondent.

You’ll learn how the nonprofit, College Now, automated student intake workflows using these advanced FormAssembly features to intelligently provide the right services, resources, and information for each student’s unique bio-demo information.

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