[Webinar Recap] The Power of Salesforce Integration: A Conversation on the Benefits of Salesforce-Connected Forms

As we close in on Dreamforce in September, you’ll hear a lot about our “Talk Data to Me” slogan. Behind this catchy phrase is an invitation for you to engage in all parts of the data process: collecting, integrating, and keeping it secure.
In the second webinar in the “Talk Data to Me” series, The Power of Salesforce Integration: A Conversation on the Benefits of Salesforce-Connected Forms,  Manager of Customer Success, Katrina Garza, and Partner and Customer Marketing Specialist, Hillary Walters, were joined by Katelyn Waltimyer from the Northeast Regional Children’s Advocacy Center to discuss how this nonprofit group leverages the power of Salesforce integration.


What does it actually mean when we say that FormAssembly is “web-to-anything”? To better help you sync your data, you can use FormAssembly to send collected information to any custom object in Salesforce. When we say any object, we really mean it! FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration is web-to-lead, web-to-contact, and web-to-case. You can even prefill any standard or custom objects in Salesforce, including objects from your favorite AppExchange apps. As you can see, this powerful feature helps take your form data to the next level in terms of accessibility.

Salesforce Integration: What Can You Do?

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to what you can do with FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration! This powerful feature increases usability, boosts convenience, and takes web forms to the next level. The Salesforce integration allows users to:

  • Create and update existing Salesforce records
  • Prefill web forms with information from Salesforce
  • Send file attachments directly to Salesforce
  • Authenticate users and connect forms to Communities
  • Set up repeating form fields to create different records

Real-Life Example: What Can You Achieve?

Katelyn Waltimyer of the Northeast Regional Children’s Advocacy Center (NRCAC) joined the webinar to share about her organization’s use case. Prior to FormAssembly, NRCAC struggled with the maintenance and upkeep of extensive paper forms. Manual data entry also placed extra strain on their relatively small staff.
During the webinar, Katelyn shared the organization’s use cases which include training application forms, recap evaluations, and helpful internal forms and report features. The Salesforce Connector has allowed NRCAC to move away from excessive spreadsheets and to adapt quickly to a user-friendly form-building interface that syncs responses directly with Salesforce.
To learn more about the organization’s results with the Salesforce Connector, take a glance at the full case study.

Benefits of a Salesforce-Connected Form Solution

The perks of having an intuitive, real-time way to sync forms to your organization’s Salesforce platform are almost endless! In the case of NRCAC, FormAssembly has helped the organization move their processes to a more automated system, with the future goal of becoming fully automated. With 1-2 hours of data entry saved per training program, their staff members are reclaiming valuable time for other big-picture projects. Perhaps most importantly, the organization now has a better way to show stakeholders that their programs are valuable and effective.

Want to hear even more about this Salesforce-connected nonprofit solution? Watch the full recording to learn more.

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