[Webinar Recap] Year of Unlimited: See the Salesforce Connector and More Integrations


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As the Year of Unlimited continues at FormAssembly, we’re offering more in-depth webinars that showcase what our web form platform can do. Throughout the year, we’ll be offering more resources on the unique ways that you can use FormAssembly to break beyond limits placed on you by other data collection providers.

The second webinar in our Year of Unlimited series focused on how to leverage the Salesforce connector and other integrations. Read the highlights this blog post, or enter your information to watch the full recording if you missed the live broadcast.

What ‘Unlimited’ Means

FormAssembly’s VP of Marketing, Ashley McAlpin, kicked off the webinar with a brief overview of what the Year of Unlimited means for you. With FormAssembly, you can count on:

  • Unlimited web forms and responses
  • Limitless lead collection, sign-up, and donation capabilities
  • Unlimited users with enterprise-wide volume discount subscriptions
  • Ultra granular control of your admin dashboard on Enterprise plans
  • Unlimited integration possibilities (standard and custom Salesforce objects)
  • Unlimited help through our Customer Support team or Knowledge Base

Create a Lead or Update a Contact

FormAssembly’s VP of Sales, Mariano Frasisti, shared the process for creating a lead or updating a contact within Salesforce using a FormAssembly form. This process helps prevent duplicate records in your CRM. The steps for this process include:

  • Configuring the Salesforce Connector to update a contact
  • Add a step to create a new lead if no contact exists

In the webinar, you can see a detailed walk-through of each step within the Form Builder. This helps you get up and running with the Salesforce connector in no time!

Salesforce Dynamic Picklists

Mariano also covered one of our newest features, Salesforce Dynamic Picklists, which is available in Enterprise and Compliance plans. The easy steps to setting up a picklist include:

  • Adding a drop-down menu to your form of choice
  • Choose the Salesforce Dynamic Picklist as the source of choices
  • Configure in the Salesforce Prefill Connector

Key Takeaways

FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration can truly take your web forms to unlimited levels. In addition to the Salesforce Connector, FormAssembly also offers many other solutions that you may already use and love. Integration options cover all the basics you need for better data processes!

  • Payment connectors
  • Authentication options
  • Email marketing platforms
  • Even more through the HTTPS Connector

The FormAssembly help documents provide detailed support and visual walk-throughs as you set up any of our available integrations.

Watch the recording of this Year of Unlimited webinar today!

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