[Webinar Recap] 5 Ways to Manage Higher Ed Administration Remotely


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Because of the current worldwide health crisis, colleges and universities are facing new challenges as they shift to remote operations. In lieu of the in-person Salesforce Higher Ed Summit 2020 event, we’ve teamed up with Mogli, a Salesforce SMS app, to deliver a partner webinar with five helpful tips to help higher ed organizations manage administration remotely.

If you missed the webinar or need a refresher, read on for an overview or replay the webinar in full below.

Best practices for remote administration

To begin the webinar, we introduced FormAssembly and Mogli and explained how both tools can be used together with Salesforce to streamline higher education administration remotely. With FormAssembly’s secure data collection platform and Mogli’s Salesforce-connected text messaging capability, colleges and universities are able to streamline communications with students and staff from afar.

In the webinar, we explained:

  • How to conveniently distribute mobile-friendly, Salesforce-connected online forms and surveys to students, faculty, and staff
  • How to simplify internal communications by eliminating paper forms and manual data entry
  • How to use technology for remote classroom management
  • How to amplify student success with accessible feedback forms and surveys
  • How to manage donations and donor relations via secure online forms

Key takeaways

The coronavirus pandemic has forced colleges and universities all over the world to switch rapidly to online processes and adapt under pressure, but with the right strategies, these challenges can be tackled head on. With the combination of tools like FormAssembly and Mogli, administrative staff can continue to accomplish goals, recruit, encourage student success, and facilitate communication.

To learn more about Mogli, visit their website. If you’re ready to streamline remote higher ed administration with our secure online form builder and data collection platform, sign up for a 14-day free trial with FormAssembly today.

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