[Webinar Recap] Building a User-Friendly Healthcare Experience with FormAssembly Implementation Services

You’ve probably seen us sharing about one aspect of FormAssembly that we’re particularly excited to offer: Implementation Services. Our Implementation Services packages allow you to put your best form forward while working with highly-skilled web form experts.

In the second webinar of our series, we sat down with Jim Bollinger of Integrity Healthcare Advisors to hear his take on how he’s helped one client, QTbreasthealth, benefit from using Implementation Services. Read the recap of the recording here to learn more about crafting a user-friendly healthcare experience.

Finding a Solution with FormAssembly

QTbreasthealth is a newly-established medical company set to introduce a revolutionary diagnostic tool, the QTscan. The new scan system has FDA approval and provides a more comfortable and reliable way to conduct breast cancer screenings. Integrity Healthcare Advisors, a consulting company with over 100 years of healthcare experience, came alongside QTbreasthealth to develop a way of collecting medical history for patients scheduling a QTscan. As the solution needed to be HIPAA-compliant, Salesforce-connected, and user friendly, FormAssembly was the perfect choice.

The Benefit of Implementation Services

As a startup company, QTbreasthealth is not equipped with its own specialized IT department. In order to achieve user-friendly healthcare, they turned to FormAssembly Implementation Services in order to design forms that would save time, while contributing to their goal of a patient-centric experience.

“We needed to be able to have a solution that the average user could log in to, make changes, and create forms,” Bollinger said.

By creating a more complex process on the backend, Integrity Healthcare Advisors was able to ensure that data collection remained patient-centric. They introduced time-saving measures to avoid duplicate information and extra effort. In the webinar, viewers can see the organization’s unique use cases,observe a form walk-through for a patient history form, and more.

Looking Ahead

As they look to increase the number of patients they’re able to see and help, QTbreasthealth has a scalable solution with FormAssembly that maintains a user-friendly healthcare experience. Among the many benefits of using Implementation Services, QTbreasthealth:

  • Saved time that would have otherwise been spent learning the product.
  • Ensured that all form connectors were fully optimized.
  • Achieved exactly what they desired in their patient-facing web forms.

Valuable Takeaways

FormAssembly users across all industries can benefit from Implementation Services by going beyond self-service tutorials with in-depth help and workable solutions. The time and effort saved allows users to focus on parts of their business or work that are most important.

Watch the recording of this webinar with QTbreasthealth today!

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