[Webinar Recap] Form Review Masterclass #2: Payment Forms & Integrations


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This year, the FormAssembly team brought back the Form Review Masterclass webinar series, as it was such a huge success upon its debut. In this series, viewers have a chance to hear from our expert team as they review real customer web form examples. The first Form Review Masterclass of 2019 was all about the Form Builder. If you missed it, catch up with the free recap and recording.

In this second installment, Andrea Hall, Manager of Implementation Services, and Asuka Goya, Product Manager, provided feedback on how to best leverage payment forms and other integrations.

How FormAssembly Helps You Succeed

We kicked off the webinar with an overview of how FormAssembly provides tools to help customers reach their goals, day in and day out. Since we strongly believe in the unlimited potential of our web form platform, we offer important systems such as:

  • Unlimited Form Assistance. Unlimited form builder support in the form of emails, chat, knowledge base resources, free classes, and more.
  • Customer Success Advocates. Escalated one-on-one help as needed.
  • Implementation Services. Onboarding assistance, form building, group training, and more.

Form #1: Geminae Consulting

Asuka Goya provided feedback on a form submitted by Geminae Consulting on behalf of Girls Inc. of Santa Fe. Asuka’s recommendations to the customer on how to improve their donation process are listed below.

  • Embed the form on a web page as it’s meant to be viewed by an average user. This step provides context for payment forms and donation processes.
  • Replicate what a user might see when viewing the form on a mobile device.
  • Organize all fields in such a way to make easy on the reader from top-to-bottom.
  • Show conditional fields in a place that is easily visible to the respondent, and reveal those only when they are relevant.

Form #2: Princeton AlumniCorps

Andrea Hall took a turn transforming one client’s web form into a more streamlined version. Important suggestions and changes include:

  • Condensing conditional questions and fields to create better flow throughout the form.
  • Adjusting the layout of payment forms so that information about recurring donations and dollar amounts are in line or next to one another.
  • Implementing variable fields and if-then statements to calculate the amount due at the time of submission and total annual contribution.
  • Leveraging the ability to send over the Transaction ID to Salesforce.

Key Takeaways

If you’re interested in having your own organization’s forms reviewed by our Implementation Services team, or if you’d like to pursue any of our other offerings, head to the Implementation Services page for details on how to get started. You can also leverage our extensive help documents at any time for complete visual walk-throughs on payment connectors and other integrations.

Watch the recording of this Form Review webinar today!

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