[Webinar Recap] Year of Unlimited: Smart, Customized Forms with Formulas


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FormAssembly’s Year of Unlimited webinar series is wrapping up! Throughout 2019, our Year of Unlimited webinars have demonstrated the unlimited possibilities that FormAssembly provides. So far, we’ve shown you how to build forms, leverage and expand integrations, incorporate multiple Salesforce connectors, and more.

In the fifth session of the series, our Manager of Implementation Services, Andrea Hall, and Creative Manager, Maggie Tharp, shared tips and tricks for how to build smarter, more intuitive web forms with formulas. Read the highlights here in our recap and replay the broadcast below.

What makes FormAssembly unlimited?

To kick off the webinar, Maggie provided background information on the Year of Unlimited and discussed some of the key features that make FormAssembly unlimited:

  • FormAssembly places no limits on the number of forms you can build or the number of responses you can collect.
  • Our Enterprise plan offers unlimited users with enterprise-wide volume discount subscriptions.
  • Our Enterprise and Compliance Cloud plans offer unlimited control of the admin dashboard so you can make sure your data stays in the right hands.
  • FormAssembly provides unlimited integration possibilities with the services you already use.
  • Our users have unlimited access to our support team, resource library, and free classes.
  • The use cases and possibilities for FormAssembly web forms are unlimited—here’s 100 ideas to start.

Building smarter web forms with formulas

Next, Andrea explained why forms with formulas are so useful. Creating web forms with formulas opens up even more unlimited data collection possibilities, including:

  • Calculated fields within your forms
  • Dynamically customized email templates, thank you messages and more
  • More advanced customization within FormAssembly connectors
  • Andrea then explained where and when to use forms with formulas and demonstrated examples of how to use them.

Key takeaways

At the end of this webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of how web forms with formulas can be used to improve data collection processes. Formulas allow for greater customization and more intuitive forms, improving the web form experience overall.

If you missed the broadcast, tune in now to learn how to build smarter web forms with formulas.

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