[Webinar Recap] Year of Unlimited: Multiple Salesforce Connectors


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As we enter the second half of the Year of Unlimited at FormAssembly, we’re sharing even more insight about our unlimited web form platform and powerful Salesforce integration features. So far, the Year of Unlimited webinar series has been highly-attended by customers and prospects across all industries. We’re excited to share even more unique use cases and tips as the series unfolds!

The third webinar broadcast in the Year of Unlimited series shed light on FormAssembly’s Salesforce Connector and how to incorporate multiple connectors in one web form. We invite you to check out a few of the highlights here in the recap, or enter your information to watch the full recording.

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Leveraging the Power of Unlimited

FormAssembly’s Creative Manager, Maggie Tharp, and Marketing Automation Specialist, Steven Watkins, kicked off the webinar with a brief overview of what the Year of Unlimited means for all customers. As an enterprise form platform built to streamline processes and drive quality form conversions, you can rely on FormAssembly to provide:

  • Unlimited web forms and responses
  • Unlimited users with enterprise-wide volume discount subscriptions on Enterprise plans
  • Unlimited control of your admin dashboard on Enterprise plans
  • Unlimited integration possibilities (standard and custom Salesforce objects)
  • Unlimited help through our Customer Support team or Knowledge Base

Multiple Salesforce Connectors

Steven Watkins introduced a use case example that began as an internal solution at FormAssembly. Once built, the form takes multiple types of requests and processes them in different ways using Salesforce Connectors and notification settings. While this is a complex process, it can be adjusted to suit individual needs. The example form includes:

  • A Support request (Salesforce Connector)
  • A Sales request (Salesforce Connector)
  • A Marketing request (email notifications)

Why Use Multiple Connectors?

You may be wondering what benefit there is to implementing multiple connectors in a single form. Although this setup takes some time to configure, the perks include:

  • Reduced complexity of single connectors
  • The ability for each connector to focus purely on routing one particular leg of the form
  • Easy updates due to the placement of information in one single location

The Process

In the webinar, Steven provides a detailed look at the process of establishing multiple connectors in a single form. These steps walk you from beginning to end, to make sure that each element is mapped appropriately and functions successfully. From start to finish, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up a form with the proper fields and options
  • Configure the Salesforce Connector for the “Sales” option
  • Configure the Salesforce Connector for the “Support” option
  • Add custom Notification Settings for the “Marketing” option
  • See everything live within the Form Builder

Key Takeaways

As the webinar concludes, you’ll see the effects of establishing multiple connectors in a single form with a view of corresponding Salesforce records. With this process, it’s easy to display new opportunities and contacts. Accurate linking is incredibly important, and the FormAssembly Salesforce Connector allows users to streamline these processes for maximum results.

If you missed the broadcast or just want to review the awesome tips we shared, make sure to watch the recording of this Year of Unlimited webinar today!

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