[Webinar Recap] Form Review Masterclass: The Form Builder


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Last year, we hosted our first ever Form Review Masterclass. This webinar provided an opportunity for customers to submit real web forms and have them reviewed by our expert staff. Attendees were able to see examples of forms in action and to learn about best practices.

The webinar was such a hit that we decided to bring it back in 2019! The Form Review Masterclass series is sure to provide insight throughout the year to both current and future FormAssembly customers. If you weren’t able to attend our first Form Review webinar of 2019, check below for the full recap and recording. In this first session, Customer Success Manager, Katrina Garza, and Implementation Manager, Hanna Tomelden, review two forms and provide form builder support.

How We Help You Succeed

One of the most important parts of the webinar included an overview of how the team at FormAssembly provides tools for our customers’ success. Since we believe in helping you accomplish more with web forms, we’ve designed important systems like:

  • Unlimited form assistance. On any plan, you can receive unlimited form builder support through emails and chat, browse our huge knowledge base, watch free classes, and more.
  • Customer service advocates. The Customer Success team works clients on upper-level plans to provide escalation as needed.
  • Implementation Services. We offer expert help with your FormAssembly account, including onboarding assistance, form building, group training, more.

Form #1: RIC Centre

Katrina Garza shared insight into how to make forms more appealing by using a few easy tricks within the Form Builder. These tips include:

  • Bolding section headers for fields that collect basic information.
  • Making forms two-column to condense fields and promote a better user experience.
  • Creating consistency with multiple value fields and setting them up as horizontal or vertical throughout the entire form.
  • Eliminating as much extra white space in the form as possible.
  • Using drop-down menus instead of radio buttons for long lists.
  • Using the ‘Themes’ option or custom CSS to create a strong visual appeal or to customize according to your organization’s branding.

Form #2: Transcat

Hanna Tomelden stepped in to transform one client’s web form into one that was more appealing to respondents. Important suggestions for going about this transformation include:

  • Implementing conditional logic features so that respondents see only what applies.
  • Adding fieldsets and borders to define and clean up each section of the web form.

Key Takeaways

Our form builder support team is here to help you create well-designed forms for user experience. What factors help a form remain visually appealing and easy to use? Which questions promote a better response rate and optimal conversion? With a few simple tweaks, we’re confident that you can design intuitive web forms backed by industry-leading security and integration features.

Watch the recording of this form review webinar today!

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