[Webinar Recap] Do You Know Where Your Data Is?: Best Practices for Form Security and Data Governance


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Security is a good thing, especially when it comes to your data. In the last webinar of our “Talk Data to Me” series, “Do You Know Where Your Data Is?: Best Practices for Form Security and Data Governance,” FormAssembly’s VP of Marketing, Ashley McAlpin, and Director of Infrastructure, Jai Davda, talked about data and form security, data governance, and how having the right web form solution can benefit organizations in both areas.
Read on for an overview of what was covered in the webinar and view a recording for more details and to hear a Q&A with the hosts.

Your Data is in Danger: Common Threats to Form Security

You’re probably aware of the many highly publicized data breaches that have been in the news for years, but what are some specific threats to the security of the data you collect through forms? In the webinar, we talk about insecure connections, unauthorized access of your data, form hacking, and non-compliance.

How Web Forms Can Help You Strengthen Your Defenses

While many threats do exist, there are ways to head off or mitigate the severity of these threats—and web forms can help. Proper encryption, administrative controls, authentication, and compliance (such as HIPAA) can all contribute to keeping your web forms and the data you collect through them safe.

What is Data Governance

Data governance is often discussed and has been defined in multiple different ways, but what is it exactly? We used this definition from Experian Data Quality in our webinar discussion:

“Data governance is a process to ensure data meets precise standards and business rules as it is entered into a system. Data governance enables businesses to exert control over the management of data assets. This process encompasses the people, process, and technology that is required to ensure that data is fit for its intended purpose.”

Web Forms & Better Data Governance

Based on that definition, we came up with several ways that a form solution can help you in your pursuit of better data governance:

  • Preserving data quality
  • Improving access to data
  • Keeping data secure

Watch the webinar for yourself to learn more data security and data governance as it relates to web forms.

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