FormAssembly Partner Webinar: 5 Use Cases for Nonprofit Volunteers

Jul 3, 2019 | Resources, Webinar

FormAssembly will host a joint Partner webinar, “5 Use Cases for Nonprofit Volunteers”, on Wednesday, July 31, at 11 a.m. EDT. Maggie Tharp, FormAssembly Creative Manager, and Teri Walker, CEO of CommonTeri Services, will host this informative broadcast. Join Maggie and Teri as they discuss helpful ideas pertaining to nonprofit volunteer management.

In the first installment of our brand new Partner webinar series, you’ll have the chance to view web form use cases that can help nonprofit groups streamline their business processes. At the end of the viewing, stay tuned for a chance to ask your own questions.

During the event on July 31, you can expect to learn more about nonprofit web form use cases, such as:

  • Creating a volunteer portal main page
  • Logging accurate and up-to-date volunteer hours
  • Registering and signing up for shifts
  • Updating volunteer contact information
  • Managing relevant forms and safety releases

If you want some practice with your own nonprofit volunteer management forms prior to the event, sign up for a trial to unlock the unlimited benefits of using FormAssembly.

FormAssembly Partner Webinar Series

FormAssembly’s Partner webinar series will highlight our valued partners and deliver unique perspectives on client use cases in all industries. These broadcasts will provide an opportunity to hear from thought leaders as they tackle real-world data solutions.

FormAssembly partners receive incredible benefits by offering clients the best web form solution available. Not only can partner organizations pass on valuable discounts and leverage their own FormAssembly account, they can also utilize helpful resources and receive personalized support for the latest news and updates.

Are you interested in working alongside the FormAssembly team for a co-marketing project? We offer regular opportunities for guest posts, blog swaps, social sharing, and larger projects like eBooks and webinars. Email if you’d like to partner with us!

Want to take a look at even more FormAssembly webinars? We’ve got you covered with full recaps and downloadable recordings. Start with our previous Form Review Masterclass, where you’ll dive deep into payment connectors.

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