[Webinar Recap] Data Privacy Deep Dive: How to Meet Privacy Regulations and Customer Expectations


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Our Data Privacy Deep Dive webinar series continues! In the second episode of the series, FormAssembly’s Director of Security and Compliance, Chad Cragle, shares his top five data security tips that are sure to help your organization meet customers’ data privacy and security expectations.

If you missed the webinar, it’s not too late—check out our recap and replay the broadcast below.

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How to Meet Your Customers’ Data Expectations

To start the webinar, FormAssembly Creative Manager, Maggie Tharp, shares information about FormAssembly including key features such as our Salesforce integration and HIPAA-compliant Compliance Cloud plan. Chad then elaborates on his top five tips for how to meet customers’ data privacy expectations:

  1. Know your data
  2. Gather consent
  3. Be prepared for a breach
  4. Educate your employees
  5. Invest in secure data collection

How FormAssembly Simplifies Data Privacy

Next, Chad and Maggie explain how FormAssembly’s secure web form platform is a great way to safeguard customer data and not only meet, but exceed customers’ data security privacy expectations. We know that your vendors’ security processes reflect on your business as a whole, and that’s why FormAssembly goes to great lengths to protect sensitive customer data. When you collect data with FormAssembly, you can expect:

  • Trained personnel
  • Airtight processes
  • Smart partnerships
  • Top-of-the-line attack defense
  • HIPAA compliance, PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, and Sensitive Data Management

Key Takeaways

With data privacy regulations tightening worldwide, it’s vital to ensure that your organization is not only meeting regulatory requirements, but also meeting the expectations of customers. By knowing your data, gathering consent, being prepared, educating your employees, and investing in secure data collection, your organization will be well on its way to better data stewardship.

Are you in need of a data collection platform that focuses on security and compliance? Check out our Compliance Cloud today!

Want to learn more about data privacy? Make sure to watch our first episode in the Data Privacy Deep Dive Webinar series for a closer look at the data privacy ecosystem in 2019. For even more great information, sign up for upcoming webinars here.

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