[Webinar Recap] Year of Unlimited: Build Your First FormAssembly Form


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The Year of Unlimited is underway here at FormAssembly, and we’re turning to webinars to show you the power of our web form platform. Throughout the year, we’ll be teaching you how to build a web form and showcasing different ways to use FormAssembly to achieve unlimited results. Think integrations, dozens of use cases, unlimited forms and responses, and more!
The first webinar in our Year of Unlimited series focused on how to build your first form with FormAssembly. Read the highlights below, or enter your information to view the full recording if you didn’t have a chance to attend live.

What Does “Unlimited” Mean?

FormAssembly’s VP of Marketing, Ashley McAlpin, started the webinar by sharing what unlimited really means.
With FormAssembly, users can experience the benefits of truly unlimited data collection. Unlike other web form provides, we don’t cap forms or responses. That means that you can collect as many leads, sign-ups, donations, and other information that you need, without fear of hitting a max. You’ll also reap the benefits of unlimited users and granular control of admin dashboards on Enterprise-level accounts.
FormAssembly also a variety of ways to grow in your knowledge about the product. Utilize chat and email to get in touch with our friendly support team, browse our huge documentation library, or attend free classes as a way to sharpen your skills.

Building Your First Form

FormAssembly’s VP of Sales, Mariano Frasisti, highlighted five easy steps for how to build a web form that’s useful and highly functional.

  1. Create/Name Your Form: When you create your first form, you’ll select a theme, choose a title, and begin adding the fields you need.
  2. Drag and Drop Fields: FormAssembly’s drag and drop features make it easy to move your fields based on how you prefer to organize and group them.
  3. Add Conditional Rules: Conditional fields come in handy when you’d like to keep certain information unseen unless it applies to the respondent based on certain answers they provide. This keeps your web forms tidy while offering advanced capabilities.
  4. Include Field Validation: Validation rules allow you to ensure that the information coming through your responses is in the appropriate format. This is helpful with data like phone numbers and email addresses.
  5. Save and Start Collecting Data: With FormAssembly, you can easily preview and test forms before publishing them. Save, share, and start collecting the information you need!

Key Takeaways

Once you get started with FormAssembly, you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to build functional web forms that help you achieve the data results you’re looking for. Take your data to unlimited levels with FormAssembly’s user-friendly features as you scale, grow, and achieve more than you thought possible.

Watch the recording of this form review webinar today!

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