[Webinar] Data Collection Dos and Don(u)ts


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Data is your organization’s most valuable asset, so if you’re not following data collection best practices, your organization could be missing out on a lot. Poor data collection can keep your organization from gaining valuable marketing insights, building better customer relationships, and even increasing revenue. That’s why we’re here to help!

On December 14, 2021 in our Data Collection Dos and Don(u)ts webinar, attendees learned the tips, tricks, and best practices needed to drive business success with better data collection processes.

What you’ll learn

In this webinar, we collaborated with our partner, Fíonta, a company that provides nonprofit organizations and associations with best-in-class strategies and solutions, including Salesforce implementations, design and web development services, and strategic technology consulting. Together, we taught attendees today’s best practices for collecting, connecting, and securing your customer’s data. We discussed:

  • Web form design tips to streamline the customer experience
  • Security best practices to keep all data safe
  • How automation and smart forms can transform data collection workflows for good
  • And more!

After this webinar, we opened the floor for a Q&A session so attendees could ask questions about how to improve data collection processes.

Start collecting better data

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