Web Form and Invoicing working together with our new FreshBooks Classic integration

FormAssembly now integrates with– one of the leading online invoicing and billing solutions for small businesses.
With our integration, you can now turn your web forms into a powerful business tool and automatically send invoices or estimates and set up recurring billing.
Here are a few examples of how web forms and invoicing can work together to make your business more efficient.
Configure, price and send custom estimates or invoices.
Imagine going through this form with your customer on your iPad. You select options and customize the quote as you discuss your customer’s needs. Once you’re done, a click of a button and FreshBooks Classic receives your custom invoice, ready to be mailed out.
Take orders directly from your website.
You want to sell a particular product or service on your website but setting up a shopping cart seems like too much trouble. With FormAssembly you can take your orders or registrations directly from your website and get paid via FreshBooks Classic – with just a simple form that you designed to your exact requirements.
Complete work orders and initiate billing.
Here’s another possibility. Your technician completes a work order, fills out a form to indicate the operation’s been performed, consumables have been used, and then perhaps adds a few notes for your records. Once submitted your client is automatically invoiced for the work done.
More detailed information about how to set up FormAssembly’s FreshBooks Classic connector is available on our documentation page.
You’ll need an account with and a Professional account with

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