How to Simplify Vaccination Form Processing with FormAssembly


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As government, healthcare, nonprofit, and education organizations everywhere push forward rapidly with COVID-19 vaccination initiatives, it’s crucial to have a streamlined, secure system in place for patient data intake. FormAssembly provides an easy-to-implement, powerful, smart form building and data collection system that allows organizations to get vaccination forms up and running efficiently.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how and why FormAssembly is the ideal solution for creating vaccination forms and collecting PHI in the fight against COVID-19.

How to use FormAssembly for vaccine administration

FormAssembly’s easy-to-use, Salesforce-connected form builder is an ideal solution for organizations that need to:

  • Track vaccination completions
  • Create reliable forms for screenings
  • Gather secure form file uploads and e-signatures
  • Collect vaccine inquiries
  • Build secure vaccination forms quickly and easily
  • Connect vaccination form data in Salesforce
  • Administer COVID-19 self-screening forms

With FormAssembly, vaccine administrators can gather patient information upon vaccine check-in, which helps to manage lines and gather insurance information. Our platform can also be used by employers, like healthcare groups, hospital systems, and physicians’ offices that seek to provide vaccines to employees.

In the government and nonprofit sectors, FormAssembly forms can be used to qualify patients for vaccine prioritization based on high-risk factors. Schools can also use FormAssembly for vaccine qualification.

For ease of use, FormAssembly has pre-built, customizable vaccination form templates available in our Template Library. Below is an example of our vaccination inquiry form template.

Protect PHI

FormAssembly is HIPAA compliant and is the only FedRAMP Ready web form builder and data collection platform in the FedRAMP Marketplace. This means that our platform is secure and compliant enough to be used by any organization that is managing vaccination initiatives, including government agencies, healthcare organizations, charities, education institutions, and more.

Our platform offers encryption in transit and at rest, sensitive data masking, administrative controls, and other crucial security measures to help you and your patients rest assured that healthcare information is protected.

Connect your forms to Salesforce

FormAssembly is the simple, robust solution for importing form data into Salesforce. With our powerful Salesforce connector, all data collected through vaccination forms is passed into Salesforce automatically. This means that the data you collect will end up where it needs to go in Salesforce without any time-consuming manual data entry.

Get started

Need a simple, streamlined way to collect data for COVID-19 vaccine administration? FormAssembly is the answer. To get started, reach out to our team.

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