Updated Form Layout – Check if your form is affected


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In order to make your web forms look as good as possible right out of the box, we made a small change to the layout of forms hosted by
Forms are now centered and their width has been reduced. Here’s a demonstration form using this new layout (it used to look like this).
To minimize any adverse effect to the layout of existing forms, this change only applies to forms created or modified since March 16th. This change also does not affect forms that are hosted on your site, unless the form is displayed through an inline frame.
If your form picked up the new layout but you need to keep the old one, please follow the instructions here. The code snippet you’ll need is the one named ‘Removing the default background on forms hosted directly on’.
Do you have any suggestion on how we could keep improving the look & feel of your form? We’d love to hear from you. Please post your ideas here.
Thank you.

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