Update to Salesforce Connector: Optional Object Creation

This week, we added a new option to the Salesforce  Connector that makes it even more versatile and powerful. A new checkbox at the bottom of the connector, labeled “Prevent attempts to create empty records,” allows you to map optional records easily, without triggering any errors or interrupting the connector if the respondent does not fill out fields for a particular object.

This is a useful feature anytime you don’t want to require an object to be created, but want it to be an option. For instance, your form may ask for, but not require, an attached file. Previously an error would stop the connector if the respondent didn’t attach a file, unless you added complicated workarounds in the connector. Checking the new box ensures that the connector simply skips the empty attachment mapping without creating an error.
Note that the connector will still show an error if the respondent fills out some, but not all, of the required fields for an object in the form. The connector will only skip an object that has no data whatsoever. If you don’t want respondents to be able to submit the form without certain information, be sure to mark those fields “required” when building the form in Form Builder.
We hope this update improves your experience with FormAssembly and the Salesforce Connector. We love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment below, say hi to us on Twitter, or just send us an email.

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