Update to Privacy Policy

To continue serving you in the best way possible, FormAssembly recently completed a review of our privacy policy, with oversight from TRUSTe. As a result, we’ve implemented several changes as recommended by TRUSTe. Please take a look at the new privacy policy and note that your continued usage of FormAssembly implies acceptance of this policy.
The privacy policy lays out in detail the ways we protect your information, but in brief, we keep your data secure and do not share it. You have the right to delete your account at anytime.

In addition to helping draft the revised privacy policy, TRUSTe conducted a complete review of the FormAssembly site and has awarded us the TRUSTe web privacy seal. You’ll see this seal displayed on many FormAssembly pages, indicating that the site meets the privacy requirements and standards set out by TRUSTe.
While the TRUSTe seal indicates that we take your privacy and information very seriously, it also means that TRUSTe can serve as a third-party mediator in any privacy dispute. Of course, in the event of a privacy dispute we would ask that you contact FormAssembly directly first, but if we were unable to reach a suitable outcome TRUSTe would be able to provide further services to resolve the issue.
We hope these changes increase your confidence in FormAssembly and in the security of any information you share with us. As always, we appreciate your business and your comments. You can leave comments below, send us an email, follow us on Twitter, or leave a suggestion in our UserVoice forum.

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