Announcing FormAssembly’s Year of Unlimited


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2019 is FormAssembly’s Year of Unlimited.

What does that mean? Simply this: This year, you’re going to see tons of great content and resources sharing all the many ways that FormAssembly is unlimited (think unlimited forms and responses), how we help knock down restrictions, streamline data collection, and kickstart new processes into gear.

Unlimited Capabilities

If you have hefty form creation and data collection needs, you’ll like this: FormAssembly offers unlimited forms and responses! We surveyed customers earlier this year and found that over 50 percent of them have 6+ FormAssembly uses. You can use FormAssembly for ALL your data collection needs without having to worry about hitting a form cap.

Here are a few other ways we’re unlimited:

  • Unlimited support conversations and a vast library of documentation
  • Unlimited form building services for purchase
  • Unlimited users for purchase and volume discounts on the Enterprise plan
  • Unlimited potential for integration with our Salesforce connector

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Unlimited Use Cases – Starting With 100

If you need to collect data for any purpose, you can do it with FormAssembly. No matter whether you’re a higher ed admissions professional, a Salesforce administrator at a nonprofit, or a CTO at a healthcare organization, you can leverage FormAssembly’s powerful capabilities to create unlimited forms for registration, donation, HIPAA-compliant patient information collection, and more.

Coming soon: 100 use cases for FormAssembly! We wrote about 100 of the ways people can and do use FormAssembly to streamline processes and optimize data collection, and we’re releasing the eBook next week!

Unlimited Webinars

You won’t just get to read about FormAssembly’s unlimited potential, you can see it, too! Our Year of Unlimited webinar series will highlight various areas of the FormAssembly platform and put you face-to-face with FormAssembly professionals so you can get answers to all your FormAssembly questions on the spot.

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