Tip: Send large files to Salesforce


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Please note: This blog post is out of date. The FormAssembly file upload size limit is 35MB per response. Please view this FormAssembly help article for more information on Salesforce and FormAssembly fileĀ upload size limits.

If you’re a Salesforce user, you might run into the 5 MB limit for file attachments and documents. (See the list of File Size Limits in Salesforce.)
That means your respondents can’t upload files larger than 5 MB ā€” that is, if you’re sending files as attachments or documents in Salesforce.
But wait! Here’s how you can get around that file limit:

  • Upload as Chatter FeedPost.

    Respondents can upload up to 2 GB. Yep, that’s gigabytes! See our blog post for details.

  • Upload as Salesforce Content CRM document.

    Respondents can upload up to 38 MB. Follow the instructions in our blog post, but map your file upload to the Salesforce object ContentVersion (instead of FeedPost).

  • Upload to FormAssembly.

    Respondents can upload up to 20 MB with our Professional Plan and under, or 38 MB with our Enterprise Plan. You can link to the FormAssembly-hosted file in a Salesforce record, using the %%FILE_LIST%% alias.

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