Heading to TargetX Summit 2019? Here’s What to Look Forward to


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TargetX Summit 2019 is just a few weeks away on July 15-16, and FormAssembly is attending! This pivotal event for the higher ed community always offers plenty of opportunities to connect with others in the higher ed space while simultaneously growing your knowledge and abilities through sessions.

In addition to a chance to chat with the FormAssembly team about web forms and data collection, here are a few of the things you can expect from this event.

1. A FormAssembly Presentation

We don’t just know web forms, we know all things data collection. Gain key data insights and learn how to streamline your higher ed data collection processes in a theater session presented by FormAssembly’s Director of Business Development, Jaret Manuel.

Join us for the presentation, titled “Innovative Data Disruption: Ways FormAssembly Enables Higher Education To Change The Way We Look At Data” on the first day of the conference, July 15, at 9:30 a.m. Here’s an overview of what topics you can expect us to cover.

“Join us as we explore an innovative outlook on data collection and streamlined processes in a landscape of ever-changing compliance standards. FormAssembly’s Director of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances, Jaret Manuel, will be discussing the ways that FormAssembly can enable your institution to change the way you collect and leverage your data.”

2. Game-Changing Sessions & Networking

Like many conferences, TargetX Summit 2019 is an opportunity to deepen your career knowledge and build relationships with others in the same industry through networking.

Learn and grow with your peers by attending some of the many sessions scheduled for the TargetX Summit.

Application Form Building: A Crash Course
In this training, we’ll work on building out an application for the coming Fall term, from key questions, and re-usable forms through configuring deadlines. Learn the nuts and bolts of the application formbuilder, and pick up best practices to implement in your own organization. This training does not cover security/permissions or community settings and is solely focused on the application form-builder.

The Foundations of Simplifying Your App
Looking for a way to simplify the maintenance and management of your Online Application? This session offers a way to do just that. We’ll be examining a Fall term application from a prior year cycle, and updating the build to reflect a streamlined approach to the architecture. Learn how to use features like conditional key questions, cards and questions and leveraging option groups to work smarter, not harder when it comes to updates.

3. An Awesome Location

It definitely doesn’t hurt that TargetX Summit takes place in a popular travel destination: New Orleans, Louisiana. In your free time before or after the conference, take some time to explore the sights of this historic town.

Can’t wait until TargetX Summit to learn about how FormAssembly helps higher education clients? Get started by browsing our higher education page for testimonials, features and more.

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