Talk Data to Me Webinar Series: Data Collection, Data Integration, Data Security


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What’s one of the FormAssembly team’s favorite things about Dreamforce? The conversations with customers about data, web forms, and other topics that happen organically at our booths and all around the conference!
This year, we’re starting the data conversation early with our Talk Data to Me campaign. As part of this campaign, we’re running a series of webinars on various data topics, from data collection to data integration to data security. You can register for webinars on our webinar signup page.

Talk Data to Me Webinar #1 – Ethical, Compliant, AND Effective: Building Attractive Forms With a Conscience

In this webinar, Deborah and Maggie will discuss data collection topics including avoiding dark patterns, optimizing forms for conversion, following security best practices, and more.
Speakers: Former Director of Product Deborah Kim and Creative Manager Maggie Tharp
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Talk Data to Me Webinar #2 – The Power of Salesforce Integration: A Conversation on the Benefits of Salesforce-Connected Forms

This webinar will give an overview of FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration and discuss how having form data connected to Salesforce can benefit organizations in terms of streamlining processes and increasing productivity.
Speakers: Director of Customer Success Katrina Garza, Partner and Customer Marketing Specialist Hillary Walters, and Katelyn Waltimyer from the Northeast Regional Children’s Advocacy Center.
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Talk Data to Me Webinar #3 – Do You Know Where Your Data Is?: Best Practices for Form Security and Data Governance

In this webinar Jai and Ashley will cover form security threats and how to combat those threats. In addition there will be a discussion of data governance and how a form solution can contribute to an overall data governance strategy.
Speakers: VP of Marketing Ashley McAlpin and VP of Infrastructure Jai Davda.

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