Formula Syntax Checker and Highlighter

Syntax Checker and Highlighter

We’ve just added a syntax checker and highlighter to the Formula Builder! It’s handy when you’re building formulas. Just like in the example screenshot above, the syntax checker will:

  • Highlight fields, aliases, and functions, so it’s easy to tell them apart from standard text.
  • Show errors at the bottom of the editor. This is helpful for troubleshooting, because you can identify and fix a problem (or a stray typo!) right away.
  • Show field names when you hover over an alias. You can check that you’re working with the right field without needing to consult a separate list.

Share your thoughts

If you have any feedback to share, send us a message through the orange Help bubble in FormAssembly, leave a comment here, or tweet @FormAssembly! We’d love to hear how the syntax checker is working for you.

Learn more in next month’s class

We’ll walk you through the Formula Builder in our class on Wednesday, February 11 at 2 PM EST!

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