Formula Syntax Checker and Highlighter


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Syntax Checker and Highlighter

We’ve just added a syntax checker and highlighter to the Formula Builder! It’s handy when you’re building formulas. Just like in the example screenshot above, the syntax checker will:

  • Highlight fields, aliases, and functions, so it’s easy to tell them apart from standard text.
  • Show errors at the bottom of the editor. This is helpful for troubleshooting, because you can identify and fix a problem (or a stray typo!) right away.
  • Show field names when you hover over an alias. You can check that you’re working with the right field without needing to consult a separate list.

Share your thoughts

If you have any feedback to share, send us a message through the orange Help bubble in FormAssembly, leave a comment here, or tweet @FormAssembly! We’d love to hear how the syntax checker is working for you.

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