Seen some changes with our support? Here’s the scoop.

Wondering what our top concern is here at FormAssembly?
You are—our customers.
That’s why we’ve always been known for our fantastic support. However, we’ve noticed some of you questioning our availability lately, so here’s the deal.
We recently changed our support system to ultimately offer you better support and proper expectations.
With our previous system, you could start a chat with us at any time, day or night. Because our reps aren’t online 24/7, we couldn’t always answer you immediately, but there was a larger issue. Due to the way our old system was organized, older conversations could get quickly buried by newer ones if users didn’t regularly check in on their ticket. That meant questions might sit (sometimes for hours) unanswered.
We know that when you’re working hard to fix something, getting an answer four to 24 hours later is not much help. Still, you could always send us a chat—and yeah, that was pretty great.
But eventually it got to the point where our reps had so many ongoing conversations that they couldn’t provide the level of fast, personalized support you deserve to every person that had a question.
It’s always hard to admit when you’ve reached your limit, but that’s kind of what happened. We outgrew our previous support solution and had to find a new one that prioritized our customers’ needs without overtaxing our fantastic customer team. Support professionals have some of the highest burnout rates, which was the last thing we wanted happening here.
With Salesforce Service Cloud, we’ve put a cap on how many chat conversations reps can be working on at one time. If there’s an open spot, the chat bubble will appear. If everyone’s busy, the chat bubble will indicate that, and you can open a support request.

The unavailable chat button icon. Click this to open a support request.

If you think about it, it’s actually better this way. Instead of waiting for someone to respond to the chat you started hours ago (the digital version of being on hold), you can send an email, get on with your day, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a response.

What you’ll see in the Help menu when support chat is not available.

In addition to this new support system, we’ve also added five new support positions, effectively doubling the team in a year and a half.
So don’t worry, we’re still here and we’re working as hard as ever on providing answers to your questions and improving our self-service options so you can find your own answers. If the chat bubble isn’t available, here are a few things you can do.

1. Fill out Our Support Form

Use this form to submit support queries, make a feature request, or ask billing questions, among other options. You can be brief or more detailed and there’s an option to upload supporting documents.

2. Email Us

We have a first-response policy of roughly an hour, so you won’t have to wait long.

3. Check out our documentation

We have over 200 pages of documentation that are getting updated all the time. Don’t see a video or article you need? Tell us about it.

4. Check out the Power of Us Hub

Yep, FormAssembly users are a pretty active community! If you’re a heavy Salesforce user, look for FormAssembly answers on the Power of Us Hub.

5. Reach out to other FormAssembly users on social media

You never know who might have an answer to your question on Twitter. Simply tag FormAssembly and throw the question out to your peers. ProTip: Use #askforce if it’s a Salesforce-FormAssembly question.
So there you have it. Thank you for being patient with us as we work out the crimps in our new system and support structure. And, of course, thanks for being a FormAssembly customer!

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