Stripe Payment Form Templates Ready to Use


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Looking for a snazzy new template for your Stripe payment forms?
We’ve got three ready-made Stripe payment form templates for you! It’s a snap to customize them for your needs. Once you’ve opened up a template, just click Customize at the top right, and you’re good to go.

Why use Stripe payment form templates?

Because it makes form design way easier! We’ve set up the most important fields for you, plus the Stripe Connector settings. You can get started faster, so you can launch your payment form in less time.
And while we’ve dressed up these templates for example organizations (a creative services agency, a nonprofit, and a small business, respectively), you can tailor them any way you wish. You might run a completely different org, and that’s great — you can add your branding and change the colors, fonts, button text, whatever’s necessary.

Single Payment

This template is perfect for single payments. For example, you could use this template for an invoice payment form, or an order form for a single item like a consulting fee or a creative services package.

One-Time or Recurring Payments

Need a template that covers both one-time payments and recurring subscriptions? This one’s for you! We’ve started it as a donation form, but you can modify it for another use case, like a one-time gift certificate vs. a monthly membership.

Stripe Template: Multiple Items

If you’re selling multiple items that people can buy in different quantities, this template can help. It includes calculations, which automatically total up people’s orders.

Suggest a Template

Need a fresh template, or have suggestions for more Stripe payment form templates? Tell us what you’re looking for! We’re always on the lookout for form template ideas. Leave us a comment here, tweet @FormAssembly, or email [email protected]!
For custom development and more complex use cases, check out our Partner Directory — our expert partners can help you with all your form needs.

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