StrideForce Uses FormAssembly to Power Fundraising Guessing Game


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FormAssembly nonprofit customers use forms for a wide variety of purposes, from donation forms to program applications and more. StrideForce, a technology-focused nonprofit customer, is using their FormAssembly forms and Salesforce CRM to run a unique “guessing game” to raise money and awareness for another nonprofit, The Latina Center. Michele McGeoy of StrideForce chatted with us to share more information about the fundraiser, its purpose, and how FormAssembly is being used to collect guesses.

Read on to learn more about the “guessing game,” the organizations involved, and how you can both enter the “guessing game” and volunteer your services.


StrideForce is a nonprofit that seeks to use Salesforce to “help disrupt the cycle of inequality, championing diversity in technology, and support the business objectives of other nonprofits.”

For this fundraiser, they’re raising money and awareness for The Latina Center, a Richmond Calif.-based nonprofit that aims to “improve the quality of life and health of the Latino community by providing leadership and personal development opportunities for all Latinas.”


The fundraiser, called “Change for Change,” invites people to guess how much change is in a jar that Michele has been adding to for 40 years. The winner of the game will receive a trip to South America.

FormAssembly forms are used to collect first guesses and additional guesses. According to McGeoy, FormAssembly was the clear choice for this application.

“I knew out of the gate we were going to do FormAssembly,” she said. “I like it because it’s easy and it’s powerful.”

In addition to the Salesforce connector, McGeoy said she appreciates the ability to use conditional logic in forms.

“You actually say how many guesses you want and based on that, it comes back and prompts you. So if you’re only buying three guesses, it’ll only prompt you for three guesses and then automatically calculate the amount,” Mcgeoy said. “We just really like that FormAssembly has the flexibility to do those conditionals, which some of the form builders don’t have.”


The fundraiser is going on now through early to mid February of 2019. Mechanics Bank will count the money in the jar and the winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day, 2019.


People can enter through The Latina Center website. The first guess is free, and additional guesses can be purchased for $5 apiece.


The event is being held to raise money and awareness for The Latina Center. Michele’s change jar will be donated to The Latina Center. The sales of additional guesses will fund the cost of the prize, but any leftover funds will also go to The Latina Center.

In addition, McGeoy said she hopes the event will raise awareness for the work of The Latina Center and potentially bring in new volunteers.

“They do such amazing work, and I think folks around the country would be interested in supporting it, but don’t know much about it,” McGeoy said.

If you’re interested in volunteering for The Latina Center or helping out with the contest, you can fill out the volunteer form.

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