New Report: The State of Remote Work 2020


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The COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home the norm as organizations all over the world make a rapid switch to remote work in the name of public health. Could 2020 be the year that many companies transition to full- or part-time remote work for good?

In our new report, The State of Remote Work 2020, we explore people’s answers to this question and others to better understand the past, present, and future of remote work. Read on for an overview of what you’ll learn in the report.

Thoughts on remote work in 2020

Since working from home has become the standard recently, many organizations and employees have been placed in situations where they have to adjust to the “new normal” as they go. Without frequent in-person meetings, office chats, and gatherings with coworkers, most workplaces have discovered tools and strategies to help them adapt.

In an effort to learn about overall thoughts and feelings on the current shift to a more remote-centric, socially distanced world, we conducted a survey to learn more about people’s likes, dislikes, and strategies for remote work and compiled the results into The State of Remote Work 2020. We learned that 60% of workers would prefer to continue working from home in the future, and we gained insights about popular work-from-home tools, strategies for promoting company culture and mental health, and more.


Our remote work culture

FormAssembly has functioned successfully as a fully remote team for more than a decade. Since the company was founded, our team has grown to more than 100 individuals spread out all over the world. With our experience as a remote company, we’re passionate about sharing our stories and experiences to help other organizations achieve remote work success.

To learn how our all-in-one form builder and data collection platform can help streamline processes for your organization while you work from home, check out our eBook, 22 Ways to Use FormAssembly for Remote Work Success.

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