3 Sessions Not to Miss at the SIPA User Conference: “Enabling Digital Transformation”


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SIPA’s annual user conference will be held this year on April 18 at the Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center in Denver, Colorado. We’ll be attending the event and giving a FormAssembly demonstration at 11:05 a.m. in Room 1F. See more details and register for the event here.
The event will be help from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. with sessions continually taking place in six different rooms. That means you have plenty of options for different sessions to attend. Here are 3 that caught our eye. (Don’t worry; none of these events conflict with the 11:05 a.m. FormAssembly demonstration!)

“How Accessible Are You? Technology Barriers for Individuals with Disabilities”

This event is scheduled for 2:45-3:30 p.m. in room 1E, and the session is put on by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
From the event page:

“In the next 15 years, it is estimated that over 24 million Americans will have a serious visual disability. Is your web site and content accessible to this population? This presentation explains the meaning of technology accessibility for people with disabilities and why accessibility is essential for individuals, governments, and other entities that serve the public. The presentation provides a brief overview of legal requirements and suggests options for ensuring that all people have full access to the information, services, and employment made possible through technology.”

Case Study: Marketing Cloud

This event, put on by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, is scheduled for 3:30-4 p.m. in room 1E.
From the event page:

“Learn how the City and County of Denver is transforming their marketing and digital outreach to citizens through targeted communication. The Power of Social Engagement, all driven by data and analytics. Hear Public Sector customer marketing use cases, successes, trends and strategies from an industry expert.”

What’s the Cyber Alert Level? Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC)

This event, from the Center for Internet Security, is scheduled for 1:15-2 p.m. in room 1D
From the event page:

“Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most important issues facing public and private organizations today. The worldwide reach of the Internet means that cyber threats can come from criminals both in the United States and from foreign countries. In this session, Andrew Dolan will speak about emerging cyber threats to the government sector and the steps we can take to minimize and mitigate these threats.”

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