Setting Up Google Sites

As we mentioned last week, FormAssembly now integrates directly with Google Spreadsheets and Google Sites to give you even more options for publishing your web forms and gathering data. If you’ve checked out either the Google Sites publishing process or the Google Spreadsheets connector, hopefully you’ve found them quite easy to use. However, if you want a little extra help or just want to see how it works before you get started, this post will show you step-by-step how to get your form up and running quickly on your own Google Site.

Grant Access

First, on your My Forms page, click the title of the form you’d like to publish. This will open the Publish tab. Scroll down to “Option 3 – Use one of our publishing tools,” and click on “Publish to Google Sites.” Once there, you’ll be asked to authorize FormAssembly to access your Google Sites.
Note that if you’ve installed FormAssembly for Google Apps, you won’t need to grant access again (as access will have been granted at installation).

Select Site

Once you’ve authorized FormAssembly to access your Google Sites, it will automatically detect any sites you’ve previously created and allow you to select one to which you would like to publish your form. If you haven’t created any Google Sites, you will see a link to do so.
Once you’ve selected the site where you’d like to publish your web form, you’ll see the proposed URL where you form will be displayed. Then, click the “Continue” button to confirm publishing.
Note: If you’re using FormAssembly with Google Apps and your site isn’t immediately found, you may need to enter your GoogleApps hosted domain first. Click “specify the Google Apps hosted domain where your site can be found.”
After you’ve entered your Google Apps hosted domain, you’ll be able to select the site and confirm publication.

View Form

Once you’ve clicked “Continue,” your form will automatically be published on your Google Site. You can click the URL to see your form and edit the surrounding page (you’ll still need to edit the form from within FormAssembly). If you no longer wish to display the form on your site, simply delete the page from within Google Sites.
You do not need to republish your web form to your Google Site each time you make a change. The changes will appear automatically.

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